I always get asked, ‘Where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting. Because what it means to me is, ‘You, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person. You’re not skinny, You’re not white, You’re a woman. Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?
— Mindy Kaling




If the only thing you walk away with from this event is photographs, then I did not do my job, I did not succeed what I set out to. But the only way I can succeed in my own endeavor is if you do the work. REMINDER: SELF LOVE IS WORK. Hard work, every morning you wake and every moment that follows. Self love starts now and the days following up to the Self Love Gather are just as crucial as the event itself. 

We tend to think that we know ourselves to the fullest extent but our inner and outer selves constantly changes. And in order to help others like myself get to know who you are and fully capture that, knowing yourself first is crucial. My job is not to photograph who you are but who you want to share with me. Who you are, is solely your responsibility and no one can take that from you. No one can decide that for you, nor change that in you. Knowing yourself well is the greatest relationship you'll ever have, which can only lead to even better relationships with the beings around you. In order for the camera to be one of those relationships - take care of getting to know yourself first. My job is not to show you who you are through photographs but simply document who you choose to share with me.

Use this month to be present, to be conscious. Use the days following up to the event to pamper the deep insides of your mind. The insecurities that hide away until they are ready to bombard you without your consent. Use this time to think about what you want most within yourself and the path you are on in your life. Everything, and I mean everything is connected. Work deeply on your self love and other aspects in your life will start to unfold the way you hoped they would. It all starts here. You ready to put in the work? 



Honesty is mandatory. Vulnerability is encouraged. I can only capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. Remember how you interact when you’re alone, and don’t hide it. Embrace both the bursts of laughter and the quiet vulnerable moments. I will, of course, guide you through all this as we shoot, but I need you to meet me halfway and allow me into your intimacy. During our time together, I strive to photograph the moments in between your thoughts of 'what should I be doing next'. Being honest with yourself and maintaining realistic expectations will only breathe powerful imagery. Overthinking and trying to create photographs you've seen in the past or in your head will only lead to photographs that you won't recognize. So let your mind wander and your words trail, don't focus too much on what you should be gaining or putting into your photographs - just show up & let's create together.

Typically at the Self Love Events (different from the gathers), we have endless time to shoot because of the weekend long retreat. At this gather, you will have twenty minutes in front of my camera. You will be surprised how much we can capture in twenty minutes but also know that it isn't enough time for me to get to know you and capture you accordingly. I will be photographing exactly what you choose to share with me. So think about what 'you', you would like captured. Is it your playful and joyful you. Is it your relentless and tough you. Is it a little bit of both. What you choose to bring to those twenty minutes is exactly what I will be capturing. If you are hoping for more time, get in touch with me to secure an entire hour. Regardless, let's make magic together. Feel free to bring along with you anything that makes you feel empowered. I've had a female bring her hijab, a female bring her ukulele, a female bring her favorite flowers. Make this shoot your own and like nothing else but that. I will guide you during the shoot but I want you to mainly feel yourself and feel your most empowered and your most beautiful. 



Bring the clothes you love. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Simple as that. 



 3438 19TH ST, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94110



Since each session is limited to twenty minutes, we will have time slots where you will sign up and know exactly when your session is. In a separate email, I will be contacting you for your time slot preference. Not only will you know what time to be ready for, your name will be called when it is your time for your session. Being ready and on time is absolutely crucial because of the time flow and number of females being photographed. If it is your time to be photographed and you are not present, your time will be forfeited. In the time that you are not being photographed - before or after your session, there will be champagne, treats, and connecting with the females around you. Because of the pay what you can style of this event and a lot coming out of my own pocket, I can only afford a short number of bottles of champagne and a few spreads. Please feel free to eat lunch before arriving so you are not hungry before your session and please feel free to contribute a bottle of champagne if you are hoping to indulge a bit more.

The event starts at 12pm and goes until 4pm.

A reminder that this gather is a mini version of The Self Love Event. If you are interested in an entire weekend of self love, female empowerment, gathering around the table for nourishing food and wine with an intimate number of females, then head to http://selfloveevent.com for even more information.



Music will be your source of magic during your session. Create a playlist specifically for this event with the music the makes you feel the most alive, calms you or even grooves you. Playlist every song that creates every emotion in you. This is absolutely a requirement, start now so creating a playlist becomes a nostalgic or relaxing experience, not a quick attempt at scrounging songs on Spotify. 



It is so important to me that there are no expectations. You know the words - expectations lead to disappointment. Create and surround your mindset around the experience you have with yourself rather than what you will gain out of this event. Expecting to gain something specific will only deter you from being fully present and organically gaining what you will. 

Also - there are no rules, no guidelines. We're all in this together. I'm scared too, trust me. 

Why I created the Self Love Event was to redefine boudoir. I felt like all the boudoir events or 'marathons' I came across, I couldn't see myself at. I didn't want an environment where I arrived and got a face done, put myself in poses that weren't me and then receive  stunning photographs that only represented one aspect of my personality, 'sexy'. I want someone to capture every aspect of my personality - the introvert, the tired, the loud, the analytical, the boisterous, the quiet, the happy. I want it all captured, I wanted me captured because all of those combined are me! Not just one. The lack of diversity in personality I was seeing was what truly lead me to creating an event where you don't need to be anyone but all of your many selves. Whatever that may look like. I wanted to create an event for females who also didn't fit into a mold or label, especially not just one. 

So arrive yourself and let me and my camera get to know who that is. 







Why choose self love.

because you are a woman. a force. an energy.