The first thing I get to know about a woman almost immediately when they come to me and tell me they want to join the Self Love Tribe is their level of courage. And not because they come to me with a blaring and glamorous 'YES' but quite the contrary - a hesitant and extremely unsure yes is what is slipping out of their mouths. It is the courage I feel in women when they do something that they are afraid of, something they are quite dubious about but yet know so deeply inside them that this is what they must do. They showed up even when it scared them.

That's how I feel about creating these events in the first place. I'm scared shit less. How can I photograph a person's emotion towards themselves? How can I possibly photograph self love while trying to instill it at the very same time.

I realized how. By simply being as present and immersed in my own self love journey during your own. That kind of thing is infectious, inspiring and empowering. I wanted to create the Self Love Event as a safe space for those females that didn't see themselves being photographed with a face full of make up or tight push up bras. I wanted to create a space for those females who feel most beautiful and comfortable wearing boy's shorts or in oversized sweaters. I want to photograph the fire you have inside you, and the softness that you carry. i want to photograph you just the way you are, and whether that is sexy as hell or soft spoken, your body and being should be celebrated.

If you want to get to know more about me as a human or as a photographer feel free to reach out! Regardless if you attend an event or not, I would love to meet you and converse about fruit, traveling or our feminine ways.